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Purpose of the qualification

The TAE10 Training and Education Training Package, developed by Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA), represents part of the continuing cycle of quality improvement in Training Packages. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110), contained within TAE10, has been designed to address the entry level skills and knowledge required to deliver Training Package qualifications within the National Training Framework. Under the VQF and AQTF 2010, it is the qualification required for all people delivering Training Package qualifications and accredited curricula in the VET sector.

The Australian Productivity Commission has outlined the key functions of the Australian VET sector as:

  • inspiring, stimulating and enriching learners from all segments of the community 
  • providing the skills needed by the economy and
  • contributing to social inclusion and civic participation.

The TAE40110 provides the foundation skills and knowledge for trainers and assessors to begin work in the VET sector. However, for the VET sector to truly deliver on the functions described by the Productivity Commission, skills and knowledge beyond TAE40110 are also required. As such, IBSA views TAE40110 as an entry-level qualification which provides the basis for training and assessing in a competency based system while introducing the rudiments of facilitating learning and the transmission of skills and knowledge.

As the foundation for workforce capability in the VET sector, it is essential that TAE40110 be delivered in such a way that it establishes both a sound base for practitioners to continue to build and extend their skills and knowledge, and an expectation that they will do so.